lsg original photography

Capturing the Rock Star in YOU!

"Back in the beginning of January 2016, I asked Lisa to take some engagement photos. My fiancé and I weren't thinking about doing them originally, but then we bought a house and decided that it might be cool. Working with minimal elements, no decor (was still painting before the big move), and a few props handmade by Lisa, we made some magical photographs. Her prompts and coaching really helped us capture our love for each other, love that will fill our new house for years to come. I already knew that she took amazing concert photography, as well as great promo shots for musicians (I should know - she's done work for me before), but I wasn't exactly sure what the engagement photos would look like. There were absolutely no worries after seeing the photos. She seamlessly transitioned from rock photographer to narrative artist, precisely capturing the excitement we felt about our relationship, the smiles, the warmth, the essence of family, and the future for all of it. I would easily recommend (and have numerous times) Lisa for a photography project, no matter what. She is an artist, exuding talent and expertise with her craft "

-Seth A.

"I have used Lisa for live shows and promo shots for my solo project and for my band Belle of the Fall. She rocks. She definitely knows how to get the shot. We will definitely use her again."

– Tracy W.

"Lisa's got the energy, vision & focus to deliver a great shoot. You'll feel loved when you're with her. Thumbs up!"
- Kate C.

"Never ceases to amaze with her beautiful photography. I've had Lisa photograph several live music events I've collaborated on and I've never been disappointed in the results. Top notch all the way."

– Chip M.

"What I love about the photography session I had with Lisa, of LSG original, is that it didn't feel like I was in a photoshoot for a portrait session at all..... you feel like you're spending the day with your best friend.... and you're having the time of your life.. she's not carrying around tons of camera equipment and lenses and filters and computerized gadgets... don't hear the sound of the shutter going off thousands of times per second, she's not asking you to bend and contort and funny ways to get a good pose.... nope instead she's just spending time with you, talking, getting to know you... looking deep into your soul... until she sees what she's looking for and she snaps one single picture... she keeps going like this for a little while and is able to capture what no one else can... unless completely by accident because they happen to take 5000 shots in 5 seconds.

She takes her art, unedited... no Photoshop manipulation... just Raw uncensored, real life.

When I was able to look at my proofs I saw a beauty in my daughter and in myself.... that I never thought was even there... or viewable to someone on the outside. ... somehow she was able to capture the feeling and spirit between us, what we feel deep down came out in print.

I can't tell you enough about how easy it is to work with her, how ridiculously inexpensive... and just how incredible you will feel when you are rewarded with the results."
- Emily G.

"LSG's photos have been one of the most important and helpful aspects of my music career. She's taken the best promo pics and live shots I've ever used. She's been a staple in the music community because she makes musicians look damn good. If you are an artist looking for pictures look no further. You've found the best"

. – Michael D.

"Lisa did an fun an innovative engagement shoot at our new house. We were more than pleased with LSG. I'm not one who likes to take photos, but she really made the whole shoot effortless and FUN! We are also having her shoot our wedding, I cannot wait to see how those pictures come out! I highly recommend Lisa. She is defiantly an Original."

- Jenna V.

"Lisa took the most amazing photos of my son's prom two years in a row. She captured memories that will be with me forever. She was professional, not intrusive and the end result was amazing. I will use her for every event that matters."

– Tamyra D.

"Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez is an awesome photographer who captures the beauty in her subjects. She has photographed me for many years in my work as a musician a well as a mother. Today, Harlow(my four year old)and Lisa snuck off and did some photos in her Halloween costume and they came out amazing. She captured my little one's aura to a tee. I def recommend her for your professional and personal photography needs. "

– Jennifer H.

"Lisa took the most amazing photos of my son's prom two years in a row. She captured memories that will be with me forever. She was professional, not intrusive and the end result was amazing. I will use her for every event that matters."

– Tamyra D.

"I asked Lisa to do a covert operation with me: glamorous/naughty photos for my hubs as an Xmas gift!!!!! I trust her artistic style and her discretion. We were able to pull off multiple meetings including costuming, location scouting, hair/makeup, photos, and print consultation all without him having any idea. The end result was WAY better than I could have hoped for. I had so many beautiful shots to pick from; and Lisa was patient with me, as I'm not the most photogenic girl on the planet. (I smile weird/pose awkwardly). I would definitely work with Lisa again, she was marvelous and super-professional. Thank you Lisa for a great experience! I know we will work on another great project together soon!"

– Alanna G.